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Adrian's Album Reviews -- A popular site by the British Mr. Adrian Denning -- a FALL fan! And a Smiths fan! Go there now!

Christian Smith's My 1Up Page -- Hay! You like videogames, right? Sure! We ALL do! (except me) Well, you're in luck because my oldest and dearest friend Christian Smith (lead singer for the Low-Maintenance Perennials) runs a videogame review blog. I wouldn't include it here except that Christian is one of the finest writers and smartest persons I've ever known -- his vocabulary and intellect are both enormous -- so I thought you might like seeing what happens when an intellectual gets addicted to videogames. Even if you're not a gamer, you should check this out just to see how well he writes -- most of his entries include non-videogame-related thoughts, philosophy and insight as well.

Corn Pone Film Reviews -- Say! Do you like movies as well? Then visit this site for some excellent film reviews by Mr. Matt Murray. At some point, also click on the 'Films' button at the top of the page and watch some of his own movies!

The Disclaimer Music Review Archive -- Run by the excellent Chris Willie Williams, the site covers the full catalogues of lots of bands and for some bands only a few, and though the reviews are short and sometimes rather randomly biased ("Abbey Road" is given the same grade as Roxette's "Look Sharp!," a strangity even noticed by the webmaster) the site covers lots of ground and once again, it's interactive!

Dr. Schluss' Garage Of Psychedelic Obscurities -- This is Dr. Schluss' attempt to spotlight some lesser known tidbits of psychedelia. We won't see "Dark Side Of The Moon" here, but he'll get around to "Odgen's Nut Gone Flake." He's always seaching for something new and bizzare, so check back every once and a while. And if you have any suggestions or mp3s of something really interesting, pleasse drop him a line. In fact, here's some of the stuff he's trying to track down: The Five Day Week Straw People, Art, Blossom Toes, July, Skip Bifferty, Insect Trust, 60's experimental films, drug education films!

I Think I Hate My 45s -- Official Interview Transcriber Jim Laakso's blog, wherein he attempts to review an enormous backlog of probably-shitty singles that he has amassed - and not listened to - over the past several years!

Jeremy Etc. -- If you like REM, The Black Keys or many other things and people, let the first web site you ever visit in your life be Jeremy Etc.!

John McFerrin's Rock and Prog Reviews -- John is a huge fan of bands from the '60s and '70s (especially prog-rock bands), and even though his rating system will throw most rationally-thinking people for a complete loop, the reviews are detailed and level-headed. Another neat facet of this site is that John basically refuses to review a band unless he's familiar with -every- release by that band, which ensures comprehensive and knowledgeable takes on the material.

LISTOLOGY discusses music, movies, book, TV - hell, EVERY OLD THING!

My Life In Review apparently only averages two hits per day, so check it out and double that number!

Satan Stole My Teddybear is one of the most popular record review sites out there in the world today, especially for hard-hitting heavy metal and anger music! They hate George Bush though, so be sure to erase your hard drive after you visit.

Scott's Rock and Soul Album Reviews -- Scott's a nice man so please don't discard him. Revel in him!

TAD's Back-Up Plan is your destination for the ultimate in SHORTHAND blogging!

Warm Voices Rearranged: Anagram Record Reviews are hi-larious. And updated daily!

Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews -- The first personal review site on the web, and though it isn't interactive (which is annoying sometimes because they rag on quite a few sacred cows very often) and they sometimes write off an album with as little as one sentence, they really know their stuff and both of them are extremely talented writers. Plus, the site's age has allowed it to become extremely comprehensive - the only gripe is that the maintainers follow a strict "cheap albums only" rule, and this results in the reviewing of loads and loads of one-hit wonders and crappy bargain-bin dance music that nobody cares about.

These links are inaccessible unless you have already read every page on Mark Prindle's Record Review Guide