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*Feed Us A Fetus
*Here Today, Guano Tomorrow
*Tour Tape
*Two Dogs Fucking-Deux Chien Fourrent
*Little Man In The Canoe
*Corporate Whores
*Death Race 2000
*Holy Shiite!

Probably the most offensive punk/metal band that Canada has ever spawned besides Bachman-Turner Overdrive, the Dayglo Abortions have for a good TWENTY YEARS now gone out of their way to shock, disgust and entertain you with songs about dog fucking, parent killing, rape, masturbation, "nuke-ular war" and, of course, recreational pharmacaduticals. They've gone through punkish phases and metal phases, and even (for a short period anyway) survived the loss of their leader (The Cretin), but always -- and I mean ALWAYS, the Dayglo Abortions have gone for the grossout cheap laugh and backed it up with some of the catchiest, most energetic and often coolest damned metal riffs you'll hear on this day or perhaps even another, like the Reconstruction.

* Feed Us A Fetus - Fringe 1985. *
Rating = 10

PLEASE NOTE: this band actually released an incredible debut called Out of the Womb in 1981. However, four years later when Fringe announced plans to reissue it, the Dayglos decided to record ten new compositions, throw as much as possible of Out of the Womb onto the b-side, and release it as a whole new album! If you own Feed Us A Foetus, all you're missing from that first LP are the adorable Ramonesy "I Wanna Be an East Indian" (now available on God Records' CD reissue of Feed Us A Foetus), the atypical but awesome psych/sludge rocker "Too Stoned to Care," and a brief collection of snores, beeps and feedback called "P.E.T."

So this is it. The classic. Straight punk, all 20+ tracks utilizing the same exact "boom-chick" drumbeat and generally the same tempo too, stylistic variety represented only by a few '70s-style hard rock intros and a couple of funny ripoffs (example: they recreate the guitar solo from "Whole Lotta Love" note-for-note in the middle of "Stupid World," for no clear reason at all!).

I have always loved this album to pieces. To this day, I still consider the catchy riffs, fuzzy guitar tones, high energy, phlegmy scum-of-the-earth vocals and uproariously sick lyrics to comprise one of the absolute highlights of the punk genre. And sure, it may seem like overkill to put two gross dog jokes right next to each other (one about fucking a dog and the other about a dog that farts until it explodes), but (A) the songs are both catchy beyond belief - just TRY getting them out of your head! and (A part 2) that's what the Dayglos were and ARE about. Excess. Repulsive excess. Pushing the limits of bad taste with such riff-tastic classics as "I Killed Mommy," a Ramones-style singalong featuring the verse, "My daddy was a bitch/Screwed around with my dog and cat/My mommy satisfied her thirst/With a bag of urine." Hee! But they're not ALL about straight blech, I suppose. How about "Argh Fuck Kill," whose verse consists of the words "Blah blah blah blah!" repeated over and over again with the sort of tonal expression that one would use when creating actual sentences? Heck, there's even lots of political commentary on here between the twisted vomitous humor.

And upbeat? Ho, is it upbeat! Headbang express for punk jivers! So that's my soapbox. If you like the Ramones and that sort of straightahead catchy chord sequence high-speed punk, you gotta get this album. Even WITHOUT the funniness, these melodies are too catchy to miss out on.

Say - did I mention how upset my father became when he found this record in my room when I was 16? Apparently the album cover artwork, depicting Ronald and Nancy Reagan happily about to dig into a fetusmeal, made him think that I was into Satanism and drugs. I was never into Satanism and drugs!

Interestingly, Christianity and alcohol probably would have been fine with him, even though they're essentially interchangeable with the two hobbies he feared most. Goddamned Christian cultist freaks. When will they ever learn that The Bible was written in 1952 by Dr. Seuss as a hilarious inside joke?

Reader Comments (Roland Fratzl)
This album holds a special place in my heart. When I was kid growing up in the 80's, my significantly older brother lived in the basement of our house, in a large room which he had, in a very twisted, yet juvenile, manner transformed into his own personal hive. It really was like the way it's depicted on That 70's Show...weird black lights, trippy disco lights, strobe lights, bright orange furniture, weird designs painted on the walls and ceiling, also adorned by tons of metal and punk posters. The soft aroma of weed constantly permeated the air, while countless cigarette butts and empty stubby beer bottles occupied every square inch of the coffee table. Strewn all over the floor lay piles of guitar and MAD magazines. The stereo system was the most powerful I've ever seen or heard in a private home to this very day; two massive speaker cabinets blasting forth 250 watts of power (each!), hooked up to a Marantz. At one point there were about 3 different Gibson guitars in there, as well as several others. The vinyl record collection numbered close to one thousand. Countless days and nights were spent by him and his fellow long haired freaks traveling to other worlds inside the mind while immersing themselves in the power of ultra heavy metal or ultra fast punk. Fascinated by this foreign culture occupying a sector of my own residence which the collective of all the parents so virulently despised, I decided to make frequent stealthy excursions into this unknown dimension with the accompaniment of several friends whenever all was clear for the time being. We would spend hours upon hours exploring every nook and cranny possible to gain knowledge, to find illumination! Every secret mission involved a certain risk that comes naturally with such Jonesian adventures, such as seeing the horrific cover of a fist bursting through a man's face on an Anthrax album for the first time, or the hammer lying next to thepool of blood on Kill 'Em All, or the Gibson SG impaling Angus Young on If You Want Blood, You Got It...such visions gave us nightmares for a long time, but being the twisted individuals that we have grown up into being since, we couldn't help but go back time and time again to terrorize ourselves with these images. Then one day, we came across an album that said Dayglo Abortions (which meant nothing to us) with a unique cover unlike any other; it had a very realistic looking drawing of then current president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, and his wife Nancy on the cover. This struck as as extremely unusual...amidst all the graphic gore, a nicely drawn, friendly cover of two famous people. We didn't know what a fetus was at that time, and the I suppose that we assumed what was lying on the plate on the cover was chicken, or something of that ilk. Hounded by our curiosity, we made a unanimous decision to pull the record out of the sleeve. Much to our surprise, the guys in the pictures looked as horrible, if not worse than the guys on all those devil music albums. Then we read the lyrics. The subsequent chorus of side-splitting laughter engulfed the room, and indeed the whole house for all to hear. We had never read or heard anything so completely hilarious in our entire young lives. The songs were just filled to the brim with bad words that we were not allowed to say!! "Proud to be Canadian; pass me another beer - hold my seat while I take a piss"; Song titles like "Argh Fuck Kill" and "Dogfarts" just sent us into hysterics. That became our Holy Grail; from that day on, whenever those particular friends came over, we made it a point to pull out that one Dayglo Abortions record to read the lyrics because we knew that it would send us to the floor gasping for air in fits of laughter every time. It worked like a charm for many years. Sadly, one day my brother decided to move out of the home. It felt so empty after that; the adventures had ended...there was nothing left to discover. The house was deathly quiet and the atmosphere empty and lifeless. A whole decade has passed since that chapter to my childhood closed, and I'm still not used to the change. Those very same friends and I still bring up "that dayglo album" in conversation from time to brother still has that same album in his new location. Thankfully, I know that I can always go visit and relive this great memory at any time, but of course it really wouldn't be the same...the air of mystery and danger that made it such an exciting experience all those years ago is no longer present. But anytime I see a picture of Ronald Reagan, a sly little grin will forever remain on my face. To this day, I have not heard any of this album's music.
Me and about, oh, a dozen other people saw D.A. perform at a bar in Cedar Falls, Iowa during the "Guano" tour. Thank God they avoided much of the material from that shitass album and focused instead on their "Fetus" stuff. A guy from the opening band, Raw Power, pulled the pants off Dayglo's singer/guitarist, and a couple of rubbernecks got into it during the set, turning over tables in true "barroom brawl" fashion. It might have been the speed, the rumble, or the sight of a Canadian penis, but whatever the case may be I broke up with my girlfriend over the phone after returning from the show at two in the morning. Like the Dayglo Abortions, some things just don't have to make sense. It just feels like the right thing to do. Only a "10" if you're drunk or on speed, a "6" the morning after. (Thomas Ursin)
Feed us a fetus was first put out on Fringe and on the same time on Armageddon. there is a major difference in speed on the records..!

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Here Today, Guano Tomorrow - Fringe Product 1988.
Rating = 9

This one probably lost a ton of fans - it hardly at all sounds like the original! Okay, I suppose that the guitar tones and drumbeats are the same and it's still produced like a punk rock album, but now there are THREE guitarists in the band, the songs are much longer and more metal-sounding (with lots of lead guitar lines and solos) and (gasp) the lyrics are hardly offensive at all! I mean, oh ho sure, there's cuss words in every song but as far as making you want to puke on your wife-in-law, only "Fuck My Shit Stinks" and "Hide The Hamster" seem to be designed for that purpose. The subject matter on the other seven songs ranges from Dungeons & Dragons to skateboarding to "ripoff shithead promoters" to... umm... anti-Satanism.

ANTI-SATANISM???? I should have let my Dad hear that one!

So yeah, this should have been a fairly innocuous (though catchy as all hey) follow-up to the profane debut, but some dickhead Canadian district attorney got a hold of it and took the Dayglos to court on obscenity charges. I don't have any details about the outcome of the trial, but I can definitely tell you this -- BOY, did it piss off the Cretin. And make him more determined to offend the offendable than ever before.

Reader Comments (Roland Fratzl)
I just listened to this one recently for the first time...ah yes, some fine muzak courtesy of my fellow crazy Canucks. Judging by the way you describe some of these albums Mark, I was expecting a really hard, fast, and grating listen devoid of all melody, but hark! Tis not so! These are actual songs with a suprising amount of catchy melodies and sing-a-longy choruses! And you're right, it sounds way more metally than punk, with lotsa crunchy riffs up the rectum! Great stuff, and what shocked me the most was that you can actually understand what The Cretin is singing!! Kinda sounds like a goofy Slayer!
It's 1989, my friend, Dave and I sucker someone into driving us to Denver to go to WaxTrax. There it was in all of its vylin glory, the new Dayglo Abortions record!!!!

I remember the first run through, thinking, "holy fucking, DRI 'Crossover,' the 'Abortions fucked us." But after running through it a few times, and not comparing it to "I am my own God," or "Dog Farts," the music really started to hold its own. Since I can't find proof that a CD was ever pressed, but songs like "Drugged and Driving" were timeless.

While it's different than "Feed us a Fetus," I don't think it was outside of the evolution they made from the time they recorded side one of "Feed us" (1981, I believe) to side two (1985, I believe).

BTW, awesome webpage.
A precedent setting trial was held in an Ottawa court on November 5 for obscenity related offences. Opening statements were heard from Crown Attorney Celynne Dorval who pleaded with the 12 jurors to rely on common sense in deciding the fate of Toronto record company Fringe Product Inc. and its distribution arm Record Peddler. They faced charges of distribution and possession for the purpose of distribution of obscene material.

The prosecution was centred on 11 of 37 songs by Victoria, B.C. band DAYGLO ABORTIONS. The songs are from 2 albums entitled "Feed Us A Fetus", which shows a painting of Ronald & Nancy Reagan in front of a baked human fetus on a plate, and "Here Today, Guano Tomorrow" which shows before and after pictures of a hamster sitting atop a box of chocolates being blown away by a gun. Several hundred copies of the records were seized in 1988 following a four month invest-igation by Nepean, Ontario police after complaints from an officer whose daughter had brought home a copy.

The charges were the first ever in Canadian law under obscenity provisions that have been in the criminal code since 1959. However, the Ottawa jury, originally deadlocked, were ordered back into deliberation before returning nine hours later with a 'Not Guilty' verdict. Fringe president Ben Hoffman said the verdict sends a message to the record industry that some caution must be used "but, reinforces what the record industry has always believed - that people should be able to express themselves the way the want."

Charges against the band itself were dropped early in the case; Canadian law does not prohibit the creation of obscene material, only the selling or distributing of it. Band member Murray Acton said the verdict "reaffirms my faith in the average citizen of Canada."

A Roman Catholic official, however, said the jury's decision that rock lyrics emphasizing perverted sex, suicide, rape, incest and murder are not obscene shows that obscenity laws must be tightened. He called on crown prosecutors to appeal the acquittal to the Supreme Court of Canada if necessary. The Renaissamce Intern-ational Church echoed that appeal.

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Tour Tape - ?.
Rating = 8

I bought this off ebay, home of bootleggers and porn salesmen elite. Supposedly the Dayglos sold this cassette at shows to raise money to release their third (and by far most offensive) album Two Dogs Fucking. This tape features horribly recorded live tunes and rare tracks. Lots of awesome material here, including all the stuff that ended up being bonus tracks on the CD reissue of Feed Us A Fetus and two early versions of "Kill Johnny Stiff" with different enemies targeted (!). But the recording quality is just miserable. At least, MY fifteenth-generation copy is horribly recorded. For all I know, the original was pristinely produced by Quincy Jones with backup vocals by that guy with the mustache from Starship.

God that guy fuckin' ruled. I would suck his cock for a nickel.

Oops! Sorry, typo. I meant to write "He looks like my uncle Rusty."

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Two Dogs Fucking-Deux Chien Fourrent - Fringe Product 1991.
Rating = 7

The Cretin strikes back. Unbelievably disgusting lyrics and leering, dirty old sleazebag vocals from here to eat-her-nightie (eternity). With titles like "Ben Gets Off," "My Erection" and "Sit On My Face And Bleed," as well as a "spoken word" piece that is just the sounds of the narrator taking a dump, The Cretin goes waaaaaaaaaaaay over the top to make his "Fuck You, Censorship Advocates!" message as clear as possible. Luckily, he backs up his vomitous imagery with some excellent speedy note-flickin' metal riffs (especially "After This Beer," which is one of the most awesome songs the band has ever recorded).

It took me a long, long time to come around to this album because it signaled that our delightful scraggly Cretin had grown up into a repulsive, dirty old drug addict scumbag. It wasn't until after the awesome Holy Shiite! came out that I was able to take a fresh listen to Two Dogs Fucking and realize that the juvenile masturbation-obsessed lyrics are more than made up for by the tight killer metal riffs. Still, if you take my advice and purchase it, prepare yourself for the yuckiest vocals and lyrics you'll ever encounter!

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Little Man In The Canoe - Incentive 1995.
Rating = 8

The Cretin quit to form a country-punk band called Lummox, who went on to sell billions and billions of gold records and win 72 Academy Awards for Castaway, so bassist and drummer Spud and Jesus Bonehead replaced him with two new guitarists and a young, attractive punk screamer named Jimbo. And then they said, "Screw The Cretin's heavy metal tendencies! Let's play some punk rock, muthafucka cocksucka!" And they proceeded to do so! And it kicks ASS!!!! This is a wonderful, wonderful punk rock album, with tons of those "boom-chick" beats and "nana-nana" riffs you loved on Feed Us A Fetus, along with some semi-offensive but not quite as stupid as the last album lyrics like "Homophobic Sexist Cokeheads," "Brick Shithouse Bouncers" and "Nikki Dial." They even revive The Cretin's old unreleased classic "Nuclear Supremacy" (and pronounce it "nuke-u-lar," just like he would!).

Fantastic, HEAVY production (for once!), awesome gritty guitar tones, pounding high-speed drums, catchy riffs and best of all, a new singer that sounds young, raw and angry, instead of old, disgusting and senile. IT'S A GOLDANGED COMEBACK!!!! It all starts to sound the same after a while, but in a good way! I still don't like "Casting Couch" or "Spuds' Visitation" though. Those songs are just gross.

But the whole CD is on the CD twice, so if you want to hear it again, you don't have to get off your fat lazy sexy hairy luscious sweet ass!

Reader Comments
first I would like to say jimbo sucks this is the best with jimbo but still not as dayglo as I had hoped when I first bought it I have sold it since two dog fuckings is the best dayglo album next to feed us a fetus

thats my thoughts

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Corporate Whores - God 1997.
Rating = 8

Herein the new lineup attempts to incorporate The Cretin's diddly-diddly Iron Maiden metal leads into their established punk sound. For the most part, they succeed nearly as well as he ever did, although they're still better off just sticking to intense, in-your-face, fast as hell, aggressive punk rock. The metal riffs sound TOTALLY ripped off from The Cretin, and probably were! Still, there's so many awesome punk riffs on here, there's no point in gettin upshit about the bits that bore. Funniest song titles on this one: "Urinal Disk Sandwich," "Jerry's Retards" and "Double D Diddlers."

By the way, in case you're wondering why I gave the second album a 9, but these two only 8s, it's because the second album had 9 songs, 8 of which are really great. These last two have each had FIFTEEN songs, so there's just bound to be more songs that don't quite cut my cheese ("Sperm's Point Of View"? "Welfare Nation"? Why bother?). However, if you were to pick the best 10 or 11 songs off each of these albums, both collections would kick the shit out of Here Today, Guano Tomorrow! And both already DO kick the shit out of that Dog Fucking album! Please don't be turned off to the Dayglos because the Cretin left. These last two albums are really, REALLY damned entertaining - high 8s they both - and you're missing out on some kickass punk rock if you pass them by!

Reader Comments (Roland Fratzl)
I saw this one at a used cd shop a few weeks ago, so I decided to give it a listen before I bought it...this was the first time I had heard this legendary (well, legendary in Assfuck, Canada) band's music, even though my personal history with this band goes WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY back, as you can enthusiastically read in my reader comment for Feed Us A Fetus! I found the music somewhat amusing, but never having been a big punk fan the style started to bore me a bit after a few minutes, but it's entertainingly intense nonetheless! The growl of the singer's voice and the speed at which he sings sometimes is pretty insane, but I still wasn't sold. Then I remembered my fond memories of absolutely dying while reading their lyrics on the debut as a kid, so I figured "what the hell, the lyrics must be good" and I read them. After scanning a couple of lines and cracking up in the store, I knew I had to buy the album immediately, and I don't regret it an iddybit, no sir! Of course, now that I've heard Here Today, Guano Tomorrow (How about that hamster getting blown to bits, kiddies!!), this album doesn't sound nearly as good musically, but it's way funner!

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Death Race 2000 - God 1999.
Rating = 7

The Cretin returns, for better or worse. Luckily, they decided to keep youngman Jimbo in the band to split the vocals between repuslive and shouty. But the music, though certainly more diverse, is just... iffy. I don't know. Half the time it's neither punk nor metal, but kinda midtempo hard rock, like Nazareth or Ted Nugent or somebody. Not that this is bad, understand. A lot of the tunes are really toe-tappy and catchy. It's just that, mixed with The Cretin's ass-ugly voice and the stupidest, least interesting set of lyrics they've ever presented (sample titles: "After All These Beers," "Drink Beer Smoke Pot," "Just Can't Say No To Drugs," "MarijuanaThon," "Drunk On Power," "Stupid Drunkin' Fuckin Cunt"), the accompanying midtempo hard rock makes the Dayglos sound like an incredibly messy, dumb band that doesn't know what it wants to be. Luckily, enough great hardcore pounders break through the mush to make up for it. I think they were better off without The Cretin though. He was something else in his day, but his day is long gone - unless disgusting old creeps turn you on.

No, I'm not talking about Orville Redenbacher! Open your buttass!

Reader Comments (Roland Fratzl)
'Eh! I can't believe I made it through a whole page without mentioning Alice Cooper!

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Holy Shiite! - God 2004
Rating = 8

Ahh, me and the Dayglo Abortions. We go back, we do. Back to those gritty, humid days of my Norcross, GA youth, when the Canadian gross-out punkers had only two albums to their name. I was first introduced to the band by a young 'Metal Head' of brief stature and ill repute who went by the appropriate name of "Rob." "Rob" sang for a thrash band whose name I don't remember that made its mark in Norcross by having a friend set them up with a hilariously inappropriate gig at some sort of outdoor crafts fair. After annoying all the normal people with two or three loud long-haired thrash songs (including a cover of S.O.D.'s "Kill Yourself"), they were shut down, leading one of the band members to utter the innovative and shocking barb, "If it's too loud, you're too old!" But we all know I'm not here to review some band whose name I don't remember, so let's continue my story.

This young man "Rob" was the only white person working for our local sanitation company. He picked up trash with aplomb, wit and class. Beyond that, he was sleeping with (and taking advantage of) a friend of our little high school group. She was a girl, but I can't remember her name. Holly? Tracey? Those are girls' names; perhaps one was hers. At any rate, it was in her car that I was cruizin' around with Rob in the passenger seat listening to those hilarious Dayglo Abortions albums one day, just a-laughin' and a-rockin'. Rob was astonished that I'd never heard of the "Dayglos," and insisted that his girlfriend dub tape copies of them for me. She did, but they came out all quiet and shitty, so I wound up borrowing the albums and taping them myself, which of course led to my dad finding them in my room and thinking I was into Satanism and drugs. But that's my Dad for ya! We all know my Dad and the way HE can be! Remember that time the fat lady in the Winn Dixie parking lot shouted at him, "You're driving too fast!" and he shouted back, "Well, you're eating too much!"? That was good stuff. We all enjoyed that, and have lived by this important credo ever since: If somebody yells something at you, yell something back that will make them feel bad about themselves. For example, if a policman yells at you, "Halt! You're under arrest for armed robbery!" it pays to shout back something along the lines of, "You're bald!" or "Only a fag wouldn't shoot my dick off right now, so I guess you're a FAG!" Remember: a helpful piece of advice a day keeps the apple away!

So you might say I've been a Dayglo Abortions fan from the very beginning. It wouldn't be TRUE, but you might say it nonetheless, as mouths are crazy, ridiculous things that live by their own physical laws. This new Dayglo Abortions album is entertaining as HELL. Eighteen songs long, full of hilarious offensive lyrics, and downright busting apart with speedy, catchy punk riffs, it's the Cretin comeback we've been waiting for since Here Today Guano Tomorrow. No longer the disgusting dirty old junkie man that he seemed to be on his last two outings with the band, Holy Shiite finds his voice hoarser, rougher, lower, more sober-sounding, and ANGRIER than ever. Second singer Gymbo is still around as well (and his voice too has become much rougher - he now sounds like a thirty-something neo-Nazi!), but only sings lead in a third of the tracks. This is a Cretin show, and he delivers through the nose!

Seriously, this album has SO many catchy-as-hell headbanger punk/hardcore songs, and they just keep getting better and better the further you get into the CD. There are a few metallic chooglers, but even those churn with thrashy malevolence. The sound quality is excellent, even though they're down to a four-piece for the first time since Goodness knows where, and Cretin blasts out one of his beloved guitar solos in nearly every track. See, this is what I'm talking about when I suggest that it's still - in 2004/05 - possible to write CREATIVE punk rock sequences. Because of the Cretin's equal adoration for both speedy basic punk and diddle-diddle '70s metal, the majority of these riffs are not ones that you've heard fifty billion times (although yes, the chorus of "Christina Bin Laden" DOES sound an awful lot like the Ramones' "Commando" with the final chord changed), and beyond that the songs are fun, funny, energetic and knee-slappingly profane!

(Except the one about Michael Jackson, which sucks out loud, and quite loudly out loud at that)

At first glance it appears to be a politically-minded record pulled from today's headlines, with such serious, hard-hitting song titles as "Release The Hostages," "Where's Bin Laden" and "My Kingdom On Earth." But come on - I mean the band is called "The Dayglo Abortions." So it probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise to learn that "Release The Hostages" is actually about women's breasts, the full chorus of "Where's Bin Laden" is "Where's Bin Laden when you need him!?," and "My Kingdom On Earth" is about masturbating in the bathroom. And these aren't the only concerns of interest to our friends from the Northatlantic: they also spit angry-fire at young strident punk rockers who claim that their music is too "metal" ("Is this how a punk song goes? I'm asking 'cuz I'm dying to know!"), celebrate alcoholism ("If I was a wino, I'd never have to be on time-o!") while simultaneously warning against the humiliating effects of cocaine addiction ("How low would you go for another line of blow?"), use unnecessarily coarse language and blatant falsehoods to condemn the Greatest Nation On Earth ("America - She's still stringin' up niggers!") and, in the witty new wave/Britcore hybrid "Old School," celebrate the band's hard-earned longevity ("We are old school - Oi oi oi oi!"). All this temperance and some anti-Vince Neil sentiment too. Don't you miss it not being in your collection? You DO! I can see your chagrin even through the computer!

In a recent interview with some eighth-rate publication that isn't, Gymbo expressed concern that this might be the Dayglos' last CD ever because the Cretin is purposely letting his physical health deteriorate to irreparable levels. But try to look at it from Cretin's point of view - what would YOU do if partying was your whole life and suddenly your doctor told you, "Don't drink! Don't smoke!"?

Well, if your name was Adam Ant, you'd write a tremendous hit single!

Otherwise, you wouldn't.

Thus is the nature of living in this alternate universe where every hit single is by Adam Ant.

Believe me -- any means of suicide you can conjure up, we've tried.

Reader Comments
Saw your page at and thought I'd fill in a bit of detail about one of the songs...

"Release The Hostages" takes on whole new meanings when performed live... It's a song aparently written solely so that they can get girls to come up on stage to take their tops off. Sometimes they need to offer up beers in exchange, but sometimes they just volunteer....

If you think that they're good recorded, they're amazing live, and if you're within 20 feet of the stage, you will likely walk away injured, but it lets you forget that you're too old for punk rock (ie, you're not 20) and have an excellent fucking time.

Quoted you here;
has no one noticed that gumbo is a fag and cretian is anal obsessed
One of my favourite recordings out of the hundreds/ thousands of albums I have heard. The guitar tone and quality of the material is amazing. I am a resurfaced fan of the band and have recently bought all of the records I can find from them again. This is my favourite recording by the Abortions. Fucking amazing.

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