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No it's not pronounced "The Crucky-fucks." It's like "Crucifix" see, but they..oh jeece. Led by a guy named Doc Corbin Dart who literally sounds like somebody's cranky old grandmother (as my pal CB Smith once said to me, "You didn't tell me that he sings like that on the whole album!"), The Crucifucks began as a midtempo punk band with really violent political lyrics, then progressed into a more musical rock band with really violent INSANE lyrics before Doc turned to more personal issues (he literally was going crazy - it wasn't an act. He has borderline personality disorder and lost his family and a whole lot of happiness as a result), to which he has stuck thus far no matter where his musical muse has taken him. In retrospect, I have to admit that that was a long sentence.

The Crucifucks - Alternative Tentacles 1985.
Rating = 9

This is where it becomes clear exactly how bad my musical tastes are. Throw me any classic - any classic at all - and I'll find something about it to complain about. Revolver? Fuckin' "Here There and Everywhere" sucks Bobby Cox. Dark Side Of The Moon? What's with that awful screaming broad on "The Great Gig In The Sky"? Who's Next? More like Who's Overrated! Yet I can honestly in all my infinite wisdom find nothing to complain about on this album. Songs too slow? Yes they're as slow as the Sex Pistols, but it doesn't matter. They're perfect. Singer's voice so annoying that my fiancee last night demanded, "Can you do something about this CD please?" Yep. But I don't care. I love Doc Corbin Dart's horrid voice. Lyrics stupid predictable punk fare? Yep, but they're so damn violent, I don't mind at all! Riffs no great shakes? No! Yes they are! They're simple and scraggly but great! Their oddness fits Doc's sick world vision perfectly. I love the simple crisp mix. The drumming is by current-Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley and is as tempered and studied as Doc's lyrics, most likely squeezed out of his mind as a huge vein pounded in and out on his forehead. The bass lines are great and the guitar sound is REALLY evil-sounding. Not like metal evil, but "guys who think it's funny when bombs kill people" funny. And the lyrics? Can I get to them now instead of just alluding? Okay here I go. Let me switch paragraphs real quick.

Sample song titles: "Go Bankrupt and Die," "Cops For Fertilizer," "Hinckley Had A Vision," "Legal Genocide." Sample lyrics: "Let's kill the fucking pigs if they get in our way/It'll set a good example for the children today/It'll keep kids out of trouble shooting pigs after school/Wasting cops will be the hero's golden rule." Sample between-song samples: the band members all laughing uncontrollably as a newscaster reads a story about innocent people being killed. Yeef. YEEPR! But is it all politically violent? No. A few of the more bizarre songs address unhealthy suburban obsessive issues of the sort that Doc was probably all too familiar. "I am going to empty this ashtray, in about half an hour. Should this glass be sitting on this particular corner of the table?," "I can't find my piece of paper! I should have been more careful with my piece of paper!," "My kitchen counter is flat, and has canisters on it. Does yours? Oh I hope so!"

Those were from three DIFFERENT songs. Scared yet?

Reader Comments
The Crucifucks were just about one of the most threatening assaults of hardcore in the early 80's. "I WANNNAAA TAKE THE PRESIDENT...CHOP OFF HIS HEAD AND MAIL IT TO THEM IN A GAARRRRBAGE BAG," still sends shivers down the spine. Shitkickin' band live, too.

This is the stuff that would make your parents shit in their shorts. For all you young'uns who missed out on when Hardcore was really HARDCORE search out Mr. Peabody and his way back machine or something. Play this with all the bass turned off (at full volume, of course) and wallow in Doc's shrill. This shit will peel the paint off your walls. GIVE ME YOUR MONEY/ I DON'T HAVE TO MAKE IT!!!!

Liked the comparison to Syd, Krinkledick. You should write the evening news. You a funny guy. The best review site on the net.

You mentioned the band members laughing at a news report. I am pretty sure it wasn't over a news story about people dying, it was about some vandalism (I think directed towards police property) which I always thought could have been perpetrated by the band members themselves. I could just go put on the CD but I am too lazy to go do it. LAter man. (Michael Sparks)
The news report they are laughing at is about vandalism involving police cars. And, the song "Oh Where, Oh Where?" is about losing a hit of acid, not just a normal piece of paper.
The year 1984 the bands Millions of dead cops, Crucifucks, Anti social And who gives a fuck who else . Being like 14 it all seemed important

I canít remember who played first but I remember is some skinny motherfucker rolling around like a stuck pig and sounding like one too! And let me tell you Iím still looking for that piece of paper to. The Crucifucks changed my life forever and if you donít like them you never seen them they still influence music today; if you donít here it try paying attention you fucking faggot. 1984 was probably when you were born, but you were not there so shut the fuck up! (Marc B.)
No other band expressed pure rage like the Crucifucks. This was undiluted anger, with no phony PC BS. Top notch HC bass playing as well. I never thought the songs were slow at all, just that they built up intensity. "Hinckley had a Vision" was the perfect hardcore song, and it's still spine tingling over 20 years later.
Personnel -

Doc Corbin Dart - vocals
Gus Varner - guitar
Joe Dart (Doc's cousin) - bass
Steve Shelley - drums

Unbelievable - one of the cruelest, most violent and perversely, wickedly entertaining records ever. From East Lansing, too, where I used to live. (John)

I just came across your review site. Cool stuff! I just had a few comments about the first Crucifucks album.

I saw the original Crucifucks line-up play live at a house party in Flint, MI before this album came out. To this day, I mark it as the best live show I have ever been to in my life! They were jaw-droppingly breathtakingly great! Trying to explain it in detail is simply not possible. It was one of those rare circumstances where you just had to be there to believe it. Thatís why I was so glad that the first album captured the energy and insanity of these early live performances. If I had to compile a list of the all-time great punk albums, this would easily be in my top three.

Another point about the production: many bass-playing friends of mine have commented that the bass sound on this album is perhaps the best they have ever heard. Just thought Iíd pass that along.

Thanks for the cool site!
I love the first Crucifucks album - been listening to it a lot lately. My favorites are "Democracy," "Go Bankrupt," "You Give Me The Creeps," "Marching," and of course "Hinckley," "Oh Where Oh Where," and most of all "Similar Items." God that one's creepy
Even though I hate the political bullshit when I rationally think about it I think the guy is a musical and lyrical genius. This is some of the best music I have ever heard. It seems goofy at first - the name, the lyrics, the voice, and yet the craftmanship is completely masterful. The music is tight but still sounds raw; you can make out what all the instruments are doing but the power is still there. Everything fits perfectly. The vocal melodies and rhythms are just totally kick-ass. Given that the music is deranged, it fits perfectly that is political views are too. "Hinckley Had A Vision" is great. The political philosophy is completely inane; a darker flavor of the typical teenage liberal spoiled brat rich bitch-girl whine. But it is perfect bring-it-all-down-man evil stuff which I don't rationally agree with as a political philosophy but I realte to it as if Dart were advocating Lucifer's position: better to reign in hell than serve in heaven. Anyway, whatever fucked up political bullshit is going through his head, be paints the perfect pictures with his words and he is a master of his craft and a visionary. This music transcends genres.
I bought this on vinyl wayyyy back when it first came out. I remember the store clerk giving me strange looks when I brought it to the counter. This was one of those records (Yes.. Records), that jumps out at you from the bin in which it is stored and begs to be played. The first Adolescents album did the same thing to me. I knew it had to be good with an offensive band name like Crucifucks :) The first time I spun it I was giddy and after I had listened to it a few times and had the words memorized I was the Crucifucks biggest fan. I played this album for months. My buddy and I would recite the lyrics all the time and people would give us funny looks and ask what the hell "See that pencil" meant :) What a hoot! The second album does nothing for me, but I had high hopes just the same. I lost track of this album for many years and I recently lucked out and was able to download it from somebody on the internet. I love this album to this day, some 20+ years later. If you can find it, buy it. (Jon Langlois)
I bought this album back in the day being well into all American hardcore bands and this band bar maybe Crucifix,DOA(Canada) & MDC were superb. I come from a small island called Guernsey which had a great Punk Scene in the early eighties.I think I was and probably still am the only person here with that first Crucifucks LP. As a guitarist, I say the bass sound on the LP is still to this day one of the best I have heard. I still play it to people who find Mr Darts vocals very disturbing.

Saw these boys on a bill with Poison Idea and the Dead Kennedy's in Porkland, OR back in '83 at the Pine St Theater in SE. No Sir, I didn't like them. Although I remember Dart saying "There's no skueeee-el tomorrow". He also had an amazing vocal style that impressed even my very serious blues-guitar playing Brother, whom I drug along.

There was one valuable lessen to all of this. When Jello Biafra gave his many endless middle-of-song-supposedly brilliant tirades about how "there's no freedom of speech in America" I recall that both he, his band and the Crustyfucks did their sets, got on their tricycles and went home, without even a lifted eye of the local constabulatory. It was at that point, and that concert, that it was clear to me that Jello Biafra was a great punk singer (possibly one of the best) and the Kennedy's were one of the best punk bands ever - But Jello's politics were Ignoramous Assholiest times 50.

In fact the original poster for that night is hanging on my wall - right here.

Allan Macinnis
Damn! For years - tho' in no way bein' naive about psychedelics - I have never given even a second thought to my reading of "Oh Where, Oh Where," which DELIGHTED me, insofar as I thought it really was a song about losing a mere piece of paper. Any time in my life that I've lost some note I've scribbled, or am searching my apartment for a receipt I need in order to be able to return some defective item, or can't find my "stamp card" that I only need one more stamp on to get a discount at a record store, or so forth, that song comes to mind, and I smile at the sheer BRILLIANCE of writing a song about so UNIVERSAL yet TRIVIAL an experience as losing a piece of paper. So fond am I of this reading of the song that I am shaken to read in the comments here the VERY credible interpretation - which had never occured to me before - that the song is about losing a tab of acid. Say it ain't so! It's so much more CLEVER the other way!

Love the Crucifucks, fascinating profile of/ interview with later-period Doc Dart, AKA 26, here:

Add your thoughts?

Wisconsin - Alternative Tentacles 1987.
Rating = 9

From what I understand, Mr. Dart replaced his entire band before recording this second album. And if true, it's certainly no surprise once you listen to the record. This is melodic rock music! Parts are countryish, others are almost hippyishly psychedelic, a couple are almost like metal -- but it's NOT punk rock! The guitar plays arpeggios, acoustic passages and leads, and Doc actually SINGS instead of squealing! Some of the songs are really pretty too (especially the title track, one of the honest-to-god saddest songs I will ever hear in my days here on the Lord's Green Pastures, NY).

But it's the lyrics you want to know about, right? Okay, well there are no between-track snippets here, but you DO get a few more alluring song titles like "Pig In A Blanket" (about, of course, killing cops), "Earth By Invitation Only" and "When The Top Comes Off." Most of the real fun lies in the actual lyrics though -- this stuff goes beyond mere political bitching -- lyrics like "If it weren't for all of the friends I've made/I would have bombed more than one fucking holiday parade" sit uneasily alongside Doc's maniacal delusions (in one especially bizarre rant, he exclaims, "You must be wondering how I know all of these things. Well, you know.... I'm God!"). See, I've always considered these lyrics a little too bizarre to be coming from a sane mind - and this was long before I read about Doc's mental disorder. So here it is - even clearer than Brian Wilson and maybe even Syd Barrett -- audio documentation of a scrambled mind. Are you sure about that, Mark? Uhhh no, it's perfectly sane to write lyrics like "Just like the Berlin disco and the chumps inside/And the stupid space shuttle and the fools that cried...." Yes. That's normal.

Musically, I suppose one or two of the songs are a little non-descript (for example, "Artificial Competition" has great lyrics attacking hypocritical liberals but the music backing might as well be from a Cat Stevens songs), but it's the most diverse Crucifucks record available and most of it ranges from wonderfully catchy to just genius popcraft - especially "Pigs In A Blanket," "The Savior" and the aforementioned title track. And even better lyrics than the first time around!

Reader Comments
"When the top comes off" is VERY VERY clever! Props to Doc...
hey there - just checking out your site. i just wanted to comment (as well) on the "When The Top Comes Off" comment here. In case anyone was wondering, that song is about worms and fishing. I know this because Doc told me so. Interesting site, by the way. You dont hear many people talking about the crucifucks anymore. thanks
I just downloaded this right now.

Holy shit.

How on earth could anyone be disappointed by such brilliance?

This is a simply astounding piece of work, and anyone who says the first album's better has got another think coming. "Wisconsin" is definitely not a hardcore album at all, though. The music is extraordinarily varied, passionately played, and catchy, and both Doc's voice and the lyrics drip with pain and disgust. Doc's voice is still very offputting, but that is par for the course. "Pig In A Blanket" is one of the most insanely and spitefully cruel songs ever recorded (is that break with the reversed voice through the cop radio supposed to be there?), "When The Top Comes Off" is the catchiest and scariest song ever written about being a worm in a fishing jar, the unbelievable, musically wistful, and infectious "Concession Stand," and the wrenching pathos of "Wisconsin" strikes to the heart. That break on "When The Top Comes Off," where the guitars are burbling and gasping and shrieking with feedback, while Doc lists all the things that he is, and ending with his infamous declaration that he's's absolutely terrifying. NO one would have thought of that except Doc. And then the band just drives straight back into the song as if nothing had happened? It's a great performance.

But "The Savior" is simply indescribable. Nothing I could say about this song would do it justice.

Some of this material sounds a little influenced by the Buzzcocks, but I don't think they were ever this varied. "Wisconsin" is just amazing, and I can't believe this doesn't feature on any Best of the '80's lists. Well, actually, I'm not surprised - Doc's voice is a definite flaw, and I think he could have done better with some of the vocals here. But so many of these songs are just fantastic. Sad, and hurt, and, frankly, deranged, but fantastic.

Not the entire band was replaced. Gus Varner, the guitarist on the first album, is still playing on this one. I think the bassist and the drummer were, though. But you can't really hear much difference - the rhythm section's performance here, as on the debut, is immaculate. Who were the bassist and drummer on "Wisconsin"? The mix here is not as balanced as the first album: the guitars take much more precendence in the overall sonic picture, and as such, the album is a lot more trebly. Don't worry, though - the drums and the bass sound great still; it's just that the first album was SO well produced and mixed that many albums would have trouble comparing in that regard. Have you ever seen the original cover of this album? It's hilarious! The band's name and the album name are spelled out in that fake-log font you see in Yogi Bear cartoons against a black background, and a cutout of the state that's in blue.

This album is absolutely brilliant.
Just have to say this was the best album of the 80ís. I am from Wisconsin and we would play this in the middle of the night when camping in northern Wis. FULL VOLUME AND ON MUSHROOMS J

Add your thoughts?

* Our Will Be Done - Alternative Tentacles 1992. *
Rating = 10

Beyond perfect. Just the greatest - the kind of package that makes me want to kiss an Alternative Tentacles decision-maker. Not on the mouth though; I don't want Jello Biafra's discharge dripping onto my tongue. This is a CD reissue of the first two Crucifucks albums, showing both the bitter punk and insane melodic sides of Doc Corbin Dart and his hired hands. Also features a great bonus track from the first band and a hilarious back cover that got Alternative Tentacles sued. Check it out - it's a hoot!

Reader Comments (M. Creasman)
Thank you so much for the site. I am a 39 year old man who was profoundly affected by the band in my late teens early twenties. I have always been fairly cerebral as well as physically imposing. A strange combination for the bay area punk rock of the time. Growing up in Oakland CA, I was very heavily into the punk rock scene not only as a fan but a musician. I was the drummer for the short lived hardcore bands Christ on Parade as well as Condemned to Death.

Most importantly I was also a local touring stage bouncer for Black Flag. I still keep in contact with perpetually self loathing however comically sucessful businessman Henry Rollins. (real name Henry Garfield for those interested).

The point of this ramble was that not only was I a die hard Crucifucks fan, but had the pleasure to see them live after their first release on A.T. prior to Wisconsin. I remember clearly Doc Dart being a diminuative slightly effeminate man. There was no self mutilation to speak of, however their set was cut short when an argument between Dart and a member of the crowd escalated into the spectator mounting the stage and striking Dart with his own microphone. Dart immediately vommited and left the stage. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for that unimposing man and hope that he is doing well. That particular show in Palo Alto CA was like the Monsters of Rock tour. Black Flag, Seven Seconds, Decry, Crucifucks, and The Dead Kennedys. DK was the hardcore version of Van Halen at the time and could not be missed.

I have grown and changed many times in the twenty years since that show. I am currently in the process of being medically retired from the Metropolitan Police Department here in Washington D.C. for Severe post traumatic stress disorder and major depression after fighting on these streets for nine years. So I understand a little about mental illness. I also once again understand hardcores hatred for the system having been a part of it for so long. Strange....Crucifucks...Police Officer.....Back to listening to the Crucifucks this morning in my basement. Thank god for Our will be Done which I purchased in 1995. I no longer have any of my LP's.


Thanks for the site and for listening
So I have this program on my computer called WavePad, which can, among other things, play mp3's backwards. There are backwards voices on "Pig In A Blanket" and "Concession Stand," and I tried to hear what both said; while I couldn't really hear anything on "Concession Stand," here is what the backwards-voice break on "Pig In A Blanket" actually says:

"We have us a winner of the Tigers Mystery Classic. His name, believe it or not, is Doc Dart of Lansing, and he correctly identified tonight's Mystery Classic, which was ELO's 'Do Ya.' He won forty dollars."

Why in hell would you insert a backmasked DJ's voice over the radio announcing the prize you won in the middle of a vicious rant about killing cops?

Add your thoughts?

L.D. Eye - Alternative Tentacles 1996.
Rating = 7

I thought the title was an Iggy Pop reference too, actually. Either that or LSD. Apparently Doc now goes by "Little Doc Corbin Dart," and it stands for Little Doc's Eye. He had actually intended to call the BAND that, but was told by the corporate swine at Alternative Tentacles that they wouldn't release the record unless he used the name "Crucifucks."

Because that name carries so much weight in the punk rock community, see.

Ahem. Yes. Okay then. For the longest time I thought this was an EP because it only has seven songs, but it turns out they're just really long songs! It's a 42-minute CD. Unfortunately it's not as consistent as the others. Doc hasn't lost it; he just hasn't tried anything new this time around. Especially musically, we've heard all this before - on his last two albums. "Artificial Girl" is great cowpunk and "Lights Over Baghdad" that begins as a wonderfully bitter attack on American foreign policy ("I saw the lights over Baghdad/they called it some kind of storm on my TV/I never saw a storm that looked like that in the sky/looked more like cowards dropping bombs to me") before becoming even MORE bitter in reference to the Oklahoma Federal Building bombing ("These colors don't run it has often been said/they put a day care center in a Federal building here instead/what kind of coward keeps little hostages like that?... The day your babies were mangled to bits is a holiday of mine."

The rest is... the rest. Lyrically more interesting than most bands, but musically just not too hap'nin. This slowly paced strum rock thing worked on the last one - this time around, it just feels like lack of ideas.

Reader Comments
The Crucifucks were just about one of the most threatening assaults of hardcore in the early 80's. "I WANNNAAA TAKE THE PRESIDENT...CHOP OFF HIS HEAD AND MAIL IT TO THEM IN GAARRRRBAGE BAG," still sends shivers down the spine. Shitkickin' band live, too.

This is the stuff that would make your parents shit in their shorts. For all you young'uns who missed out on when Hardcore was really HARDCORE search out Mr. Peabody and his way back machine or something. Play this with all the bass turned off (at full volume, of course) and wallow in Doc's shrill. This shit will peel the paint off your walls. GIVE ME YOUR MONEY/ I DON'T HAVE TO MAKE IT!!!!

Liked the comparison to Syd, Krinkledick. You should write the evening news. You a funny guy. The best review site on the net.
this is the classic case of rich kid turns evil >> these guys really suck anyone who condones the death of innocent people should fuckin die
I was the lead guitar player of the Crucifucks, from beginning, to the first album (writing at least half of the songs, music not lyrics). I left the band because Doc became a crazy asshole, cutting his face at every show with a razor blade, and pissing all over tables at the clubs we would play. We were making great money and all of the sudden it wasn't enough to be punk, Doc wanted to single handedly stomp out Christianity. I felt punk was about self expression which meant people could worship and think whatever the fuck they wanted to. Doc didn't see it that way. If you pick up the tape with the Priest holding the platter you will notice it is the same as the first album which was later released, but it is me playing instead of the studio musician named Gus from East Lansing, Michigan. We met him on our monthly T.V show. I quit the band and did not request a single cent. To this day I regret helping to launch such a single minded idiot into stardom. But it was pretty cool touring with the Dead Kennedy's, Black Flag, Necros, and hanging out with the Clash. None of them seemed to want to kill everyone, too bad about Doc. Crazy Fucker.

Doc Dart is the son of Rollin Dart, the President of Dart Bank. They have nothing to do with each other as Rollin is a devout Christian. Doc even sends his mail back unopened. Great son! He is related to Dart Container, Dart Oil, Dart Insurrance, and Dart Medical. He did own that baseball card shop, and his last wife's name was Angie. She is an Angel. He fucked up losing her, and it drove him out of his lunatic mind. Not a long fall.

On a good note, he was cool as hell before the plunge. He taught me to be my own dog. I walked away and have never looked back. My son found this website and had some questions. So now the records straight. That's why the music changed after the first album, because I was gone. It was a simple choice. He wanted Christians to die, I wanted them to wake up.

Besides, I'm still twice as punk as that pussy will ever be. Just not as angry.

Just to prove my point, here's what the crazy old bastards up to now!

Now it's not good enough for Doc to want to just kill Christains, now he wants to kill America. Fuck You Doc, your just as bad as Jerry Farwell in your own way. So single minded, so little time...... figure it out.

I wish I never would have wrote those songs. For sure I wish I never would have accepted those lyrics. Forgive me world. I was young and stupid.
Doc Dart has returned! he's now going under the moniker "26" and has released a new album, 'The Messiah' on Crustacean Records.

it's amazing. Doc has out done himself this time. Crustacean has a MP3 of the song "Oblivious" on their site. here's a link :

welcome back Doc!
Re:'s comments

Too bad this guy has regrets for participating in something so profound now that he has a kid, or has "matured". I was with MDC (Millions of Dead a manager) who played with the Crucifucks many times, and I can tell you that at the time, and even now it seems, the music spoke to a part of society that has been totally left out of any type of "representation" in society. Its easy for this guy to come back 20+ years after the fact and say he's "ashamed" for having participated with the group. However, if he was so ashamed as he claims, why didn't he walk away when he first understood Doc's intentions and lyrics?

Its all just too easy now.
Doc Dart kicked me out of his life merely because I count Robert Anton Wilson as one of the many people I admire, saying that he (Wilson) bastardizes eastern values, or something like that. This reaction I got instead of curiosity of my own theories about the human mind; since he's "god" why should he care about anyone else's ideas? I admit that this particular theory could have easily looked like a very common misconception, but he left me no way of sorting it out as he no longer wanted to hear from me. He accused my last letter to him as being a "transparent put-on". He seemed to be attacking my referencing the Tao... sorry, China's not east enough for him I guess. I must be an americanized, corrupt huckster with no respect or understanding of anything. So nice when everything's black & white.

This aside, I agree with a lot of what he has had to say in his lyrics. Christians are not innocent; freedom of choice is an illusion if people by the millions are being soft-sold into a CIA-style war in bed with an agenda with tentacles that stretch back to who fucking knows where. Same goes with any mass indoctrination process (science, intellectualism, politics, television, any of that)... People aren't encouraged to truly make up their own minds; instead, they're railroaded into "ok I give up, I'll let (insert institution here) think for me, because being true to my actual self, as opposed to a role chosen out of a preestablished selection, well that's just too hard". No, instead people pray to mythbusters, south park, snopes, CNN, KKK, WalMart, etc. Often unwittingly. Reality is much more interesting and weird than any overt institution on the planet is allowed to allow us to believe... (no, that's not a typing mistake...) (Mike ":The Duke of Puke" Scanlon, MSU class of '85)
I remember seeing Doc and his pals riding the bus in East Lansing with their cool, upside-down penis/cross logo leather jackets with blood/sperm spurting out the top of the crosses. Also- I saw them warm up for the Circle Jerks (or someone) as "The Scribbles" on campus. MSU wouldn't let them use their real name. Doc started out the show with a lady bic, which he used to cut his cheek with while introducing the first song... The Crucifucks were the coolest fucking band I've ever seen.. I still have a couple of their fliers, which I yanked off telephone poles around town.

They were right about everything.
SRW from Cary, North Carolina, USA. I gotta tell ya... I listen your shrilling tunes EVERY Saturday and Sunday night because I practically grew up on yer music in the ol' school skater days 86ish and then on. I actually wrote down the lyrics to "Hinkley had a vision" (best I could hear) for a college report for "political songs' and put the "teacher" on is arse!! Crucifucks are incredible! Are there posters out there? Signed? I need some shiznit for my bar!!!!! Let me know!

Add your thoughts?

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