The Seizures

Bribery Review #5

Lakeway Overdrive - Homemade 2001.
Rating = 7

The bribery deal occurs as follows: YOU send me $4 for one of my homemade Mark Prindle cds and I in return will review your own little band's CD, CDs, tape, tapes, album, albums or perhaps a new appliance if you're writing me from General Electric. This is what James Burns of The Seizures did. And it was one of the finest investments he's ever made.

The Seizures are what I personally and perhaps you as well would refer to as a "mod punk rock" band. What I and perhaps you as well mean by this is that the band plays high-speed, energetic 3-chord distorted punk rock and roll that sounds, in spirit, like it came straight out of the 60s. Like the early Who or Kinks would have sounded had the Ramones come first! There are, I imagine, lots of bands that sound like this, but The Seizures do a darn good job with it. The guitars sound mean and garagey, the singer shouts everything in one note (a perfectly pleasant note though, mind you - you don't exactly want Rod Stewart vocalizing this kind of music) and the drummer pounds and thuds like a crazyass auto mechanic. In fact, the extra-fun punk rock energy only lets up at a couple of points, and both of those are cool menacing darker metal-type tunes (bookending the album actually!). Most of the melodies are ultra-catchy in their stripped down r'n'r simplicity, but I would like to bemoan the fact that a lot of riffs on here are just old, cliched and almost STOLEN they're so simplistic (how can any band actually claim to have written "I Got Mine," for example?). But hey, if you're playing retro garage punk, I guess that sort of thing is to be expected.

In final conclusion, I know that no band wants to be called a "less consistent New Bomb Turks," but I really really love the New Bomb Turks and these guys do sound similar, so I hope they don't take it as an insult. As far as "rocking" goes, they sure rock a lot harder than any of the godawful homemade fake-drum crap I've been able to create!

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