The Naked Christians

Bribery Review #2

The Boilerroom Sessions EP - Homemade 2000.
Rating = 3

I'm all for people forming bands. But I'm not so sure that a guy playing electric guitar riffs while a guy who's never heard the songs before drums along out of time qualifies as "forming a band." Nevertheless, here I am reviewing the sole EP by The Naked Christians, a couple of guys named Adam Suffering and Chris, because Adam sent me four dollars for one of my CDs. That's my deal, see. Send me four bucks for one of my Mark Prindle CDs and I'll review any old piece of crap you send my way.

Thus, this album. No vocals, no production values. Just a guy playing punk/metal guitar riffs and a guy in the background pounding away aimlessly on what I suppose are drums. A few of the riffs are catchy as hell though (especially #1 and the Black Flag jazznoodleweirdnoteneat #4! Put in your copy right now and you'll see what I mean! Huh? Yeah I know!) and could use full band treatment.

But come on - how high a grade do you expect me to give something a couple of guys did in like 10 minutes? It still got the same grade as Ballbreaker, didn't it?

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